What are the Costs?

We offer various prices based on what you’re looking for. Whether this is a Before School, After School or Holiday Programme.

For more information on these, please see the price table below.

ONE Child PM Session$18.00$90.00
TWO Children PM Session$36.00$180.00
7:00 – 7:30 am Drop Off$10.00$50.00
7.30 am Drop Off$9.00$45.00
Casual PM$26.00
Casual AM$13.00
Casual Daily$39.00
Both AM/PM 1 Child / 7AM$28.00$130.00
Both AM/PM 2 Children / 7AM$56.00$260.00
Both AM/PM 1 Child / 7:30AM$27.00$125.00
Both AM/PM 2 Children / 7:30AM$54.00$250.00
Holidays per Child (7.30am – 5.30pm)$42.50